Wolfram Werbung was founded in 1997 by Peter Wolfram.


After his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin (Dipl. Komm.-Designer) he has worked for publishing houses like Markt & Technik (Key Account Director, 5 years) and as a Sales Manager for Condé Nast in Munich (Vogue, GQ, Architectural Digest, 4 years).


In May 1997 he went entrepreneurial based on a profound knowledge of premium and luxury brands with regards to brand positioning, advertising and communication
with an emphasis on Print and Digital. Since its birth, Wolfram Werbung represents international media platforms. WW operates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and partnering with international agencies and clients on a global base.​




Due to many years of experience in the area of communication design, W2 Design-Consulting has set itself the task of advising clients especially in the luxury goods sector with regard to their media, visual presentation as well as in-house communication.


Wolfram Werbung represents international media partners with their various communications platforms. Based on the briefing of our customers, we develop a promising and efficient media mix due to our profound market and product knowledge, which is oriented to their respective marketing goals.


Wolfram develops attractive sponsoring concepts which mainly result from events of our media partners and an expansion on other media channels (print and digital).



From a marketing and advertising perspective, print is attractive for a variety of reasons. Print advertising is not perceived as irregular or unnecessarily deliberate by most people. It is usually an intentionally approved form of contact. Print advertising conveys credibility, exclusivity and information, especially for premium products and brands, and contributes substantially to their image formation.



Digital advertising enables you to connect to a global audience and address your message to a selected target group at a selected time.It helps you to accelerate your communication and to position your brand on multiple levels (desktop, mobile).


Finally, it can clearly measure your ROI.



Your communication strategy can be substantially enhanced by developing tailormade brand solutions in order to showcase your brand values, product philosophy, future ideas etc.

This can be applied to both Print and Digital. According to your brief we create concepts and execute them along with our publishing partners.

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