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MAX Issue 2/2023

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MAX is becoming more and more fashionable

In the MAX club of visionaries in this issue:
Udo Lindenberg and his utopia for the future, the doyen of photography Ian Berry and his young colleague Joachim Baldauf, Harrison Ford, Penelope Cruz, Tina Honor, Tom Wlaschiha, the newcomer Young Gun Silver Fox, Malika Specht and many others.

Topics to think about:
The power of water – how scientists research to secure our elixir of life.
• The chance of artificial intelligence.
• A different view of Germany's most famous island.
• The big entrance – why sneakers are becoming more and more valuable.
• And much more

Release Date: 22 June 2023

Materials Deadline: 30 May 2023

Wallpaper* Issue 294 October 2023

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Wallpaper*Guest Editors issue features three fearless visionaries in the fields of music, art and design

ANOHNI - Genre-Spanning Singer-Songwriter. Experience the artistic brilliance of ANOHNI as she takes over Wallpaper*, offering an exclusive glimpse into her multidisciplinary practice. Delve into her music, visual art, and poetry, and join her in celebrating the vibrant creative community that fuels her groundbreaking work.

YAYOI KUSAMA - Pioneering Japanese Artist. Prepare to be immersed in the mesmerizing world of Yayoi Kusama's "You, Me and the Balloons" exhibition. Witness her largest-ever inflatable artworks, spanning three decades, at the spectacular Factory International in Manchester. Explore Kusama's visionary creations through her powerful guest editorship.

GIULIO CAPPELLINI - The Original Design Disruptor. Discover the unrivaled expertise of design pioneer Giulio Cappellini, who has revolutionized the industry for over five decades. As our esteemed guest editor, Cappellini unveils the future of design while celebrating the exceptional talent he has propelled to global fame. Brace yourself for a journey into design innovation.

Get ready to be inspired by the fearless visions of these exceptional guest editors. Don't miss our captivating issue, coming soon.

Release Date: 07 September 2023

Materials Deadline: 10 August 2023

Directions Logo.jpg

Directions Issue 2023

Directions Media Kit.jpg

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We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a promising partnership with Design Hotels GmbH. As particularly exclusive domiciles full of creative sophistication in terms of design and architecture, Design Hotels enjoy great international popularity and can now be found in almost every destination in the world.
In every hotel room there is the annual issue of the exclusive magazine "Directions", which reaches around 4 million premium travellers with its guaranteed circulation of 65,000 copies. In the next issue, “Directions” deals with “New Hedonism” and highlights the subject areas of Art, Design, Architecture, Travel, Food & Wellness.

Release Date: 15 May 2023

Materials Deadline: 06 March 2023

Sablos Issue 1/2023

Sablos logo.png

SABLOS is a new premium travel media brand that launches this Spring with the aim of becoming the world’s most respected luxury travel resource.


Created by Saul Taylor — an ex-editor at Wallpaper and a founding editor of MONOCLE magazine — SABLOS speaks to the world’s most inspiring people about the places they love in the cities they live. By investing in premium content and crafted technology, SABLOS will serve wealthy contemporary travellers with an essential tool for navigating the world.



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The soul of the project is a quarterly print publication which is available to subscribers, in selected book shops and on prime international newsstands. This is accompanied by an app, website, social media channels and a weekly email bulletin that bring the printed word to life and provide an interactive guide to the people and places featured in the magazine.

Release Date: End of June 2023


DAMN° Issue 83 Autumn 2022

DAMN 83.jpg

The theme of the upcoming issue will  be BACK TO SCHOOL.

2022 and beyond we are faced with an almighty choice – to return to old patterns or to leap forward into a radical and uncertain future. Right now is the moment when big design decisions that will shape the coming era are being made. And yet everywhere we look economic, social, and political forces are pulling us in two directions. One direction will accelerate us forward, the other backwards. Will we move towards the revolution of possibility?

This revolution of possibility is driven by education, science, innovation, and design.

Release Date: 18 November 2022

Materials Deadline: 20 October 2022

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