MAX Issue 1/2022

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In moving times full of upheavals, changes, but also heated discussions and sometimes violent demonstrations, orientation and new perspectives are more important than ever. Like the United States, are we becoming a society that will be deeply divided? And what does that mean for our life, our freedom, our future?

The new issue of MAX, the magazine for life aesthetics, looks at the social discussion from different perspectives with well-known and competent authors. Actor Lars Eidinger, designer Florentine Joop, journalists Nils Minkmar and Professor Bernd Gäbler, Matthias Schmitt from the Antoni advertising agency, design students from Münster. Plus people who take their liberty, like ex-soccer player and Let's Dance star Rurik Gislason with spectacular pictures taken in his native Iceland, as well as Diane Keaton and her unusual view of a successful life.

Release Date: 31 March 2022

Materials Deadline: 10 March 2022

DAMN° Issue 81 Spring 2022

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The theme of the upcoming issue will have a focus on THE ART OF PROTEST.

Art has always been a way of responding to one’s surroundings, which has often led to societal critique and commentary. This is because ultimately, art reflects life. But does artistic activism change anything?

Issue 81 explores the link between social movements and cultural practices and seeks to prove or at least discuss that when art appears in unexpected situations, it benefits society. This is especially the case where we live so polarised, amidst such anger that traditional forms of protest have often become ugly, or even needs to become ugly to be newsworthy. Alternatively, the creative innovation at the heart of artistic activism offers something uncommon, or unexpected, that can attract attention and thus become memorable.

Release Date: 5 April 2022

Materials Deadline: 5 March 2022