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Peter Wolfram - Founder and CEO


After completing his degree as a communication designer at the HdK in Berlin, Peter Wolfram has accumulated experience in the areas of text, conception, creation and subsequently established himself as a customer contact and mediator at German and international publishers.

As a result of Peter’s extensive experience, his in- depth knowledge about brand communication expanded, especially in regard to target-specific brand positioning. After founding the agency Wolfram Werbung in 1997, his branding expertise was supported by the representation of the media Wallpaper *, DAMN, FRAME, ZOO Magazine, Vs. etc. with regard to the brands within the design and luxury goods sector. Extensive cooperation projects with brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Hugo Boss, Bally, Miele, Gaggenau, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Maurice Lacroix, USM, etc. contributed to a more targeted view and understanding of adequate media positioning and optimization strategies for brands.

Alexandra Eriksson - Advertising Business Manager 

Alexandra joined our team in 2017 as an Advertising Business Manager. She is responsible not only for maintaining seamless cooperation between clients and magazines but also manages our day-to-day business. Her previous work experience for international IT and consulting companies gives her a solid foundation for databases, websites and diverse projects management. 
Alexandra additionally supports customer relationships via online and offline channels - you may meet her in person during numerous events and trade fairs.    
Her academic background is linguistics but it’s her passion for brand communication that has led her to our agency. Her creativity and innate taste for beauty and elegance are valuable contribution to our team and balance the masculine conception with a feminine attention to detail.

Herbert Winkler - Head of Creative


Herbert, Winkler, highly acclaimed internationally active art director, is known for his high design aesthetics. His spectrum ranges from in-house publications to high-quality customer magazines to international high-gloss magazines. His authoritative role as art director for the creation of the magazine Wallpaper * is now legendary. Herbert’s clear and linear design language is characterized by an optimal interplay between photography and typography.

He often uses illustrative elements and his work is characterized by its timeless elegance.

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